Soutien aux chercheurs

L’UITM a une grande expérience dans la mise en œuvre de subventions de recherche externes, y compris des projets internationaux, dont la plupart sont fondés par divers programmes de l’UE, ainsi que les projets nationaux financés par le gouvernement polonais et les institutions de recherche, en particulier le Ministère Polonais des Sciences et de l’Enseignement Supérieur, le Centre National des Sciences en Pologne.

  • a transparent recruitment process led by the UITM HR Consulting Department
  • an organized process of introducing into a scheme of work and duties for newly employed researchers
  • flexible model of employment and conditions of work, allowing for a differentiated relation of research activity and teaching, dependant on personal preferences of a researcher and a current level of advance of a research career
  • a mentoring system for young researchers
  • a possibility of a break from some academic duties, fully paid
  • financial support in completing procedures of obtaining scientific degrees and titles in other institutions
  • a system of so-called internal grants for research projects (financed from University’s own financial sources or from governmental subsidies obtained by the UITM)
  • a system of trainings for researchers, specially young researchers (up to 35 years old), on a development of competences relevant for research and academic teaching, a financing of research and on a protection of IPRs
  • a monitoring of respecting ethical rules for researchers contained in European Charter for Researchers as well as in national and internal documents.

Researchers who would like to be employed at the UITM can get detailed information of particular elements of a system of researchers’ support by a direct contact with following persons:
UITM’s internal regulations on various aspects of researchers’ positions, rights and duties in the UITM can be always requested by a candidate researchers (via contact with persons mentioned above). Key excerpts from these documents are quoted here: GAP

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