On-line catalogue

How to login in to library account

Library card number – enter your  Student’s card number  (e.g. w12345), Password – PESEL (Personal ID number is on your Student’s card).

How to renew book online

  • Logging in to your library account,
  • To renew your books online you must log in to your account. Your online library account lists the the items you have borrowed with their due dates.

To renew an item:

  • all items borrowed by the reader must not be overdue in a certain lending department,
  • the sum of all fines and fees must be equal to 0 (zero) in a certain lending department.

If any of above conditions are not fulfilled, the item cannot be renewed and instead of a “Renew” link, “Info” link will be available. After clicking the link, the reader will get a page with an explanation why the item cannot be renewed.

There is the possibility to renew all the user’s items by clicking the “Renew all” icon.  It will change the due date of all of the items that can be renewed.


Databases subscribed by our Library 

How to use VPN proxy to access the library’s licenced electronic resources


Mobile App

Download the free mobile application and operate the library catalog on your mobile device faster and more conveniently.

Google Play


App Store

After logging in to the application using the data from the reader’s account, the user of the application can:

  • search the catalog,
  • order and reserve library materials for rental,
  • read library resources available online,
  • check the status of materials in his account.

After logging please choose USTAWIENIA (settings) and change language!

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